Seal Rocks, Phillip Island

Phillip Island in southeast Victoria is home to one of the largest colonies of fur seals.

Phillip Island

Seals can be seen at any time due to the high population in the colony. You can view them from a distance at The Nobbies lookout. For a closer look, take a boat trip to see them from another perspective. An experienced ranger will guide the boat tour and teach you about the seal colony without disturbing them.

Getting there

You can reach Phillip Island from Melbourne by car in about 90 minutes. The Nobbies is a 20-minute drive from the central part of the island. The nearest carpark to Seal Rocks is The Nobbies carpark.

Phillip Island Tours from Melbourne are available for those without a car. These tours usually include comfortable coach transport and a knowledgeable guide.

Travelers can take a ferry from Stony Point on the Mornington Peninsula or a bus from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne.

Let's meet at Seal Rocks on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island, or "Philly" as it's fondly called, is a pure delight for nature enthusiasts. Kicking things off, we've got the globally acclaimed Penguin Parade. Each night, the island's tiny penguin community makes a charming march across the beach, returning from a day at sea.

Then, chuck in one of the top wildlife havens at the Phillip Island Wildlife Park. Add top-notch snorkelling, cracking beaches, and stunning nature trails rivalling the Great Barrier Reef, and you've got yourself a bona fide nature playground.

We've neglected to yarn about another cracking natural show: Seal Rocks. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Penguin Parade, this cluster of rocks is arguably the prime spot in the Southern Hemisphere for watching fur seals do their thing – all 25,000!

Popping over to Seal Rocks is the perfect warm-up to the Penguin Parade, as folks adore watching these comedic marine critters sprawl out on the rocks.

Having had a squiz at these furry mates chilling, hurrying to the Penguin Parade and checking out what other top-notch adventures Phillip Island offers.

Penguin party

The thrill of Seal Rocks and the Penguin Parade makes for a cracker day filled with top-notch wildlife action. The Penguin Parade has a particular spot in the hearts and yarns of heaps of travellers, who get a real buzz from watching these sassy little penguins waddle up the sandy shore with (hopefully) a couple of fish in their gobs.

The Penguin Parade is a goer all year round, but folks might want to think about the best time to bring the kids along, as it can get pretty nippy in winter, but then the penguins rock up later during summer! No worries, though – cosy hideaways offer top shelter and a primo view of the penguins making their way home at dusk.

The Phillip Island Wildlife Park 

The Phillip Island Wildlife Park is a fair dinkum sanctuary home to some of the most adorable and unique Aussie critters. Both tourists and families are stoked with the wildlife park as it offers a chance to get right up close with some of the country's most lovable animals, like the koala, kangaroo, and wallaby – it's an ace way to kick off your Phillip Island critter caper!


Attractions Nearby

The Nobbies – Chuck a squiz at the seals from this beautiful spot. The Nobbies themselves are a top-notch drawcard. Have a wander around the boardwalk on the Summerland Peninsula.

Phillip Island Tour

Southpoint Lookout – Park yourself at this lookout hanging over the cliffs for a ripper view of the ocean down under. Ace spot for a snap when the sun's out.

Cowrie Beach – A chill sandy bay dotted with black rock formations. Yet another cracking spot for a piccie on your way to Seal Rocks.

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