Things To Do in Cervantes

Where's Cervantes at, mate?

Fair Dinkum, Cervantes, is a good 198 clicks north of Perth.


Just a hop, skip, and a jump north of Perth, Cervantes is an easy drive, less than a couple of hours away. It's your front door to the Coral Coast of Australia, best tackled in a car cruising along the Indian Ocean Drive. It's a scenic route straight out of Perth. Fancy exploring all the natural beauties of Cervantes? Grab a spot on the Pinnacles Tour. Top tip: snag a car from Perth Airport or, if you're keen, catch a flight straight to Cervantes Airport.

What's there to gawk at in Cervantes?

Pinnacles Desert

This beauty's tucked away in Nambung National Park, just a stone's throw south and east from Cervantes. It's the big-ticket item around here. The Pinnacles Desert is something else, with its moon-like landscape and golden sands. It's a bit spooky but dead-set fascinating. These limestone spires are leftovers from days when the ocean was up to our eyeballs.

Lake Thetis

Talk about ancient! This salty lake is home to the world's oldest "living fossils" - Stromatolites. They're knocking on 3000 years old! Take a quiz from the Lake Thetis walkway. It's a beautiful spot for birdwatching, too.

A bushwalk at Thirsty Point

Bushwalkers and hikers, get your boots on for the trek from Thirsty Point to Hansen Bay. It's a mix of beach and bush with cracking views and a chance to spot local wildlife and wildflowers. There are more tracks near Kangaroo Point and Hangover Bay, with top-notch scenery and spots for a picnic.

Jurien Bay Marine Park

The park and its offshore islands off Cervantes are the go-to nursery for Aussie sea lions along our west coast. The underwater world here's alive with colour, though it's not your typical reef scene. Divers and snorkellers, you're in for a treat. And if you're into fishing, surfing, or windsurfing, you've hit the jackpot.


How's the weather going?

Cervantes enjoys a Mediterranean vibe. Prime time is during spring, especially when the wildflowers are showing off in September and October. Summers are hot - perfect beach weather. The rest of the year? Pretty mild, with the wet weather keeping to the cooler months from June to August. Summer days average around 29°C, dropping to 17°C at night. Winter? Expect days around 22°C and chilly nights around 10°C.

Getting clued up on Cervantes' past

Named after the ship Cervantes, which ended up on the local rocks, itself named for Miguel de Cervantes, the bloke who penned Don Quixote. The Nambung area got on the map in 1658 thanks to Dutch explorers. "Nambung" means "crooked" or "winding", which pretty much sums up the local national park.

Pinnacles Tour

Started as a quiet fishing spot, Cervantes grew into a hit with Perth's growing crowd last century. These days, it stands proud on its own, with the Indian Ocean Drive bringing in more keen beans looking for adventure.

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